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Chapter 74 Feeling Pain abundant quiver
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“What the heck! Why do we must clean up next impact?!”
“Unfair…” Yu Rou sighed.
A few more events afterwards, Yuan had taken another deeply inhale ahead of he started reciting the cultivation strategy ‘Consuming Heaven Technique’ as if he was developing from the sport.
*Coughing* *Cough*
“Thanks a lot, buddy!” Yu Rou recognised the Wind Blade by having an ecstatic concept in her face.
“B-Dark colored gunks…?” Yuan immediately turned speechless immediately after hearing her words.
“T-This approach will be free of charge, esteemed guest…” The youthful male thought to Yuan by using a grin on his deal with.
Once which had been performed, she began scrubbing his system that had been still sitting on the wheelchair with many fragrant body wash. Even so, simply because the stench through the harmful particles was quite strong, Yu Rou needed to cleanse and rinse his human body thrice prior to when the rotten odor could fully disappear.
Yuan immediately frowned soon after recording off of, for a formidable scent that resembled rotten chicken eggs suddenly a.s.saulted his nostril.
One particular second… two seconds… three seconds…
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1 second… two seconds… three seconds…
And wanting to affirm which it was not just his imaginations, Yuan tried to enhance yet again.
After abandoning the Number of Techniques, Yuan inquired Yu Rou, “What should perform now?”
The servants ended up stuck off guard via the rigorous smell and started out hacking and coughing, sensing like people were getting choked from the stench.
After removing Yuan’s garments, Yu Rou used the showerhead to rinse the toxins off of his body.
“T-This technique will be free of cost, esteemed guest…” The youthful guy thought to Yuan that has a smile on his face.
Nevertheless, while Demon Securing Strategy is certainly a effective procedure that may seal perhaps the biggest of demons that has a solo move, it is additionally extremely not easy to learn about, and this will have even top geniuses several years to even knowledge the outer lining for this process, hence why many people stay clear of it.
Following leaving behind the Numerous Tactics, Yuan inquired Yu Rou, “What should we do now?”
“No, I am perfectly okay,” he quickly replied.
“What’s this stink?! It smells like s.h.i.+t!” Yuan observed like puking, but then he recognized a little something.
“Oh! It harmed! It hurts! Hahahaha! It really is painful! I will actually experience some thing!” Yuan laughed loudly, as it has been quite a long time since he acquired believed any powerful feeling from his body from that time it grew to become numb and crippled.
More moments down the road, Yuan took another deeply breathing before he started out reciting the cultivation process ‘Consuming Heaven Technique’ as if he was cultivating on the video game.
‘Black gunk… Impurities? No, that shouldn’t be potential. Why would my genuine human body discharge harmful particles as it happened inside the match? But this horrible odour is precisely much like the harmful particles inside the match,’ Yuan pondered and pondered, but he was struggling to obtain an explanation because of this occurrence.
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Vineyard Quilt: Pattern Of Betrayal
Just after Yu Rou remaining the room with Yuan, the servants immediately began to curse under their breaths.
“T-This technique are going to be for free, esteemed guest…” The younger person said to Yuan which has a laugh on his facial area.
“What the besides! Why do we have to clean up afterward cripple?!”
“Me too…” Yuan explained.
Yuan had several serious breaths when he would well before farming, and then he attempted to recall the technique Heaven’s Mystery Skill.
When that was done, she started out washing his body that has been still located on the wheelchair by incorporating fragrant body clean. Even so, for the reason that stench through the impurities was quite solid, Yu Rou were required to clean and rinse off his physique thrice until the rotten stink could fully vanish.
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Yuan took some profound breaths as he would just before farming, and the man attempted to remember the technique Heaven’s Magic formula Art.

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