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Dual Cultivation
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Chapter 913 – Frozen Azure Cave free sad
the whisperer in darkness
‘Oh, Ziyi, I actually hope you’re in there…’ Su Yang sighed inwardly when he started off flying toward the highest on the mountain.
‘Oh, Ziyi, I absolutely believe you’re in there…’ Su Yang sighed inwardly as he began soaring toward the optimum from the hill.
Their journey carried on for a couple even more days until it had been the moment from the assembly.
“Xiao Rong!” Su Yang referred to as over to her.
The quick they seen both the of these, they set about soaring inside their path.
“The Reddish colored-Confronted Lizard is not only impressive but it possesses a great distinctive ability which can spit out dangerous saliva that goes as quickly as a flying cherish and very difficult to dodge, and unlike the mist it launches, its saliva is exceedingly harmful and may even instantly eliminate us in the event it even details it.”
Nevertheless, there is an individual issue. The mountain itself was incredibly tall and gotten to the heavens, and then there didn’t appear to be any pathways which they could stroll to attend the highest, making all of them with merely one selection.
These folks were close, but they weren’t there yet, and it’d bring them another two days to reach the spot when they ongoing to move at their recent speed.
Even though enchanting beasts were actually 100s of a long way aside, they sealed the distance within minutes.
Obviously, there are encounters with awesome beasts which had been even stronger than Xiao Rong.
“Truly, considering that I ponder over it, it ought to be excellent even if we draw in the enchanting beasts. Providing we get to the Freezing Azure Cave, Ziyi will take care of them for individuals.” Su Yang then came to this acknowledgement.
The marvelous beast introduced a painful cry which has been excessive enough to shake the foliage and surface.
They were shut, nonetheless they weren’t there yet, and it’d bring them another two days or weeks to attain the spot when they extended to advance at their latest speed.
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“Master…” Xiao Rong viewed him, who has been sitting on the ground and cultivating.
“The only way to protect against an power should be to include yourself in psychic energy that it cannot pass through. Nevertheless, not individuals are impressive enough to bar it with these psychic electricity, and then we are only able to keep away from it.”
“Xiao Rong!” Su Yang referred to as in the market to her.
They would continue this course of action every time they come across an enchanting monster, and though it was extremely stressful for Su Yang, he carried on to withstand it, since they were actually so in close proximity to reaching the Iced Azure Cave. Additionally, anytime he thought of assembly Luo Ziyi yet again, he would obtain some power back and go on pus.h.i.+ng more.
“Xiao Rong!” Su Yang termed out to her.
Xiao Rong then used her religious strength to strike the mystical beast’s imagination, halting its movement for a separated second. In that split following, Su Yang used the majority of his faith based vigor to produce a potent Sword Will that could get rid of the mystical monster within a single reach.
After getting rid of the magical monster, they immediately happened to run outside the spot that may soon be a battleground for other enchanting beasts combating within the corpse.
Su Yang tossed the small sword giving off an otherworldly atmosphere in the marvelous beast ahead, stabbing it directly between its sight.​​
“The Frosty Azure Cave reaches the optimum on this hill.” Su Yang mentioned.
Fortunately for these people, the wonderful beasts they could only try to escape from ended up highly effective but slower ent.i.ties— slow enough for Su Yang and Xiao Rong to flee unscathed.
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“The Green-Confronted Lizard is not only effective but it possesses a distinctive potential that may spit out toxic saliva that travels as fast as a flying treasure and extremely hard to dodge, and unlike the mist it releases, its saliva is very harmful and might instantly get rid of us in the event it even touches it.”
She nodded.
Their movements procedures were actually important contributors also, as Su Yang’s Nine Astral Steps was one of the best action techniques in the Four Divine Heavens while Xiao Rong was naturally fast in her foot.
Several hours in the future, once Su Yang recovered the majority of his spiritual energy, they continuing to advance again.
“The Freezing Azure Cave is at the top in this mountain peak.” Su Yang explained.
“Master…” Xiao Rong investigated him, who had been sitting on the ground and growing.
Their process extended for a couple of more weeks until it had been time of the reaching.
Section 913 – Frosty Azure Cave

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